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Death of Innocence - The Tyler James Memorial Foundation
Death of Innocence - The Tyler James Memorial Foundation
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Plight for Justice...

For over 15 years I have sought to obtain a sense of justice regarding my son?s tragic and unnecessary death. After confirming the California Highway Patrol did not properly investigate my son?s death, I was compelled to do my own investigation.
I obtained a copy of the Collision Investigation Manual that is used by the California Highway Patrol. I investigated my son?s death, using the CHP manual, and followed its provisions closely.
After determining that members of the Lake County, California Highway Patrol failed to follow the provisions of their own manual, and perpetrated a series of lies and misconceptions surrounding my sons death by ignoring the manual and dictating their own policy, I began filing complaints through the internal affairs division. After filing my fourth and final complaint, I requested the hearing be in Sacramento, so I could state my case in person.

After providing factual evidence to 2 internal affairs officers of serious misconduct by the officers who covered up my sons death,these 2 officers were indignant; claiming to have found no reason to believe the report was inaccurate. What is the point of having an internal affairs office, if they willfully refuse to take action when misconduct is evident, and proven by hard-core facts? After being denied justice by the California Highway Patrol, I went on a mission to expose this injustice through other means.

Over the last 14 years I have contacted MADD, written letters to Judges, sent e-mails to supervisors in the Lake County District, I've e-mailed the Governor, I've contacted and written letters to the Sheriff's office, the District Attorney, Child Protective Services in Lake County, and even in Santa Rosa, California. I sent numerous e-mails to Montel Williams, Maury Povich, Oprah, Dr. Phil, John Walsh, Steve Wilkos, and I even contacted Jerry Springer. Jerry Springer was the only one to respond to me, to tell me that my story did not fit his subject matter.
I have contacted every Child Advocacy website that I could find on the Internet. I've taken my case to many different newspapers and news agencies, in an attempt to expose this injustice, to no avail. I even went to the FBI office in Santa Rosa twice, only to be asked to leave and threatened with arrest if I returned. The woman FBI agent asked me what it was I wanted from them and I simply stated, Justice for my Child?. I've called over 50 attorneys in the northern California area, all the way from San Jose to Eureka, and no attorney was willing to take on a case against the California Highway Patrol, without a huge retainer. I was even told by one attorney, that truth and justice doesn't matter? unless there's a large sum of money involved!
For several years I went on an e-mail and letter campaign, where I wrote letters to all 80 assemblymen in the state of California, I wrote letters to Gov. Schwarzenegger, only to have him refer the matter back to the California Highway Patrol. I wrote a letter to Diane Feinstein upon which she responded to me and encouraged me to continue my fight for justice, but was not willing to offer me any assistance in finding that justice. I've written letters to Pres. George Bush, VP Dick Cheney, also sent e-mails to Pres. Barack Obama. I've heard no reply from any of the presidents that I wrote to.
At one point I joined a company online that provided contact information for celebrities. I wrote letters to numerous celebrity figures telling them about my plight for justice and how my son was falsely and cold heartedly blame for causing his own death by those we trust to uphold the law and protect the innocent. I've never received the a reply from any celebrity. At one point I contacted the company that handles Mel Gibson and told him that I had a proposed script titled the Tyler James conspiracy that would make it great movie about social injustice in America. The guy actually laughed at me on the phone and told me I would have to hire an attorney for thousands of dollars then hire an agent to submit the proposed script through the proper channels before I would even be considered or allowed to submit the script proposal myself. I wonder how Mel Gibson, being a father himself, would feel about an innocent seven-year-old boy being blamed for causing his own death by a bunch of crooked cops?
Are you out there Mel Gibson?, this would make a great movie.
For a while I went on a campaign to try to contact journalists and newspapers and news agencies all across America. I sent e-mails to Bill O'Reilly and joined his club, I sent e-mails to Rachel Maddow, I've tried but have been unable to contact John Stewart or Stephen Colbert. Because my son was not kidnapped and murdered it's not a newsworthy story, it won't sell enough airtime. It doesn't matter that there is this huge chain of lies surrounding my son's death perpetrated by those who are supposed to stand for truth, that doesn't matter. On many of the letters that I wrote and many of the e-mails that I sent, I asked them please just allow me to submit my evidence to you and you can do your own investigation, but so far no one has been willing to even look at the evidence.
My failures thus far have only deepened my resolve to continue my plight for justice for my innocent son, who was clearly a victim. The evidence gathered by the Calif. Highway Patrol
the day of my sons death proves conclusively that the driver should have been arrested and charged with vehicular homicide. Ironically, the evidence gathered was purposely ignored. It is also my belief, based on other hard-core evidence I have gathered, that the collision that took my sons life, is the subject of a cover up by members of the Lake County California Highway Patrol. That is why I started this web site, and that is why I started the Tyler James Foundation.

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80 children under 15 years old were killed in traffic crashes in 2000 were pedestrians or pedal-cyclists who were struck by drinking drivers.
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Use a headlight and reflectorized safety equipment when riding at night. Always wear a helmet when riding Wear bright clothing with reflective strips particularly at night.
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