Death of Innocence - The Tyler James Memorial Foundation Death of Innocence - The Tyler James Memorial Foundation
Death of Innocence - The Tyler James Memorial Foundation
Death of Innocence - The Tyler James Memorial Foundation
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Foundation Goals

1. The circumstances surrounding my sons death is just another classic example of police abuse of power and authority. What are we coming to as a nation when police can dictate their own policy and ignore the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as well as ignoring the guidelines of their sworn duty? Not to mention ignoring the guidelines of the collision investigation manual they are supposed to be REQUIRED TO FOLLOW. My personal goal is to become a Social Justice Advocate and help others who are victims of police abuse.

2. To reduce the number of bicycle related injuries and fatalities. Since my son?s death, I have witnessed many children riding their bicycles, without helmets or proper supervision. I hope to do a public awareness campaign, to make parents and guardians aware of the dangers of being careless, when it comes to children, bicycles and helmets. Every year hundreds of children are injured or killed in California alone. Through the Tyler James Foundation, I will engage in any endeavor to protect children, who are at risk.

3. To expose the terrible injustice surrounding my sons death, I have written a document titled, (Death of Innocence). This story gives a brief account of the seven wonderful years my son and I spent together. It explains the sick betrayal that cost my son his life, and presents evidence that explains why I believe members of the Lake County, California Highway Patrol, perpetrated a cover up. It is the culmination of my 14 year plight for justice, for my innocent son. Would you give up on finding justice, if it was your child? If you would like to make a donation to the Tyler James Foundation any amount would be appreciated.

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Teach your children the rules of the road for their protection. Responsible bicyclists are involved in fewer accidents. Children under 18 are required to wear a safety helmet. Although adults are not required to wear them, helmets are designed to reduce the severity of head injuries and should be worn by all riders.
Safety Tips
Be sure your bike is in proper operating condition before each ride. Ride with traffic, never against it. Watch for turning vehicles and vehicles exiting driveways.
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